Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a table or any supplies in my home?
-No, I will bring a massage table and all needed supplies with me.

How long is a treament session?
-Generally, sessions take just over an hour. These sessions tend to be longer than the average session at a clinic in order to reduce total number of visits and expedite your recovery. 

What should I wear?

-Loose fitting, gym clothes work best. Tank tops recommended for shoulder/upper body conditions.

What is your service area?
-In order to be on time and efficient, the geographical treatment area is limited to Bend. Feel free to contact me if outside of this region to discuss options. 

Do you take my insurance or what is your cost?
-Currently accepting Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pacific Source and Pacific Source Medicare Advantage Plan.  More plans may be added in the future. I can also see you if you are “out of network” and assist you with determining  “out of pocket” portion. Please call for further information.

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